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Ready to power-up your ride?

Lead-acid batteries are one tried-and-true way to power your golf cart, but a new contender, lithium-ion, has significant advantages that are hard to ignore. Lighter, thinner, and best of all,…

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What is a Destination Dealership?

Finding the right location to buy your golf cart is just as important as the cart you purchase. At GT Carts, we think there’s more to buying a cart than…

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Lithium-Ion Batteries — Fuel of the Future

What makes lithium-ion batteries special? They are the future of golf cart power. The technology has been around for many years, but within the last decade it’s advanced significantly, making…

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Get carts on your community roads

Indiana allows golf carts on public roads – with some limitations – as long as the driver is licensed and the cart is “street legal.” But it leaves it up…

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What you need to do to keep your golf cart healthy for the long haul

Like anything with a motor or engine, there are a few specific things you need to routinely do to ensure a long performance life. The maintenance schedule varies depending on…

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Five things you need to know before buying a recreational golf cart

Do you want electric or gas? Both do the job and both come with their own maintenance routines. Electric is quiet and environmentally friendly, but requires careful battery maintenance. Gas…

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How we transform a golf cart into your custom GT Cart

The first thing we do is sit down with you to discover what you’re looking for. We can do virtually anything to a cart to make it uniquely yours. From…

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Golf Cart Winter Storage

GT Carts offers winter storage freeing up valuable space in your garage or getting your cart out of the elements to a safe place where it will be properly maintained…

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25 fun things to do in a GT Cart!

Well, for starters they look fantastic. But maybe the best part is their dependability and utility. Whether you want to head down to the lake to go fishing, over to…

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