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What is a Destination Dealership?

Find­ing the right loca­tion to buy your golf cart is just as impor­tant as the cart you pur­chase. At GT Carts, we think there’s more to buy­ing a cart than just the price. There should be a real con­nec­tion, a sense of trust. You’re not just buy­ing a golf cart because it looks cool,” but because it fits you, your fam­i­ly, and your lifestyle. That’s why we’re intro­duc­ing our two loca­tions in Cicero and Mon­ti­cel­lo, Indi­ana as des­ti­na­tion dealerships.”

So, what is a des­ti­na­tion deal­er­ship? It’s a place you want to arrive at. A clean, pro­fes­sion­al, and infor­ma­tion­al space with well-edu­cat­ed staff mem­bers avail­able to answer all your ques­tions. It’s a place to dis­cov­er the per­fect recre­ation­al golf cart for you, not just to make a trans­ac­tion. Plus, as an offi­cial E‑Z-GO deal­er­ship, all of our staff on the floor are E‑Z-GO cart experts. They know the ins-and-outs of golf carts and can help you with any­thing you need to know.

Our Mon­ti­cel­lo and Cicero deal­er­ships have an incred­i­ble array of inven­to­ry. What dri­ves you? Gas? Elec­tric? Or the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy, lithi­um? We have them all in every col­or. If you find a cart you like but want add-ons, we’ve got those too. From steer­ing wheels, cus­tom tires and wheels, to sound sys­tems, and LED ground effect light­ing. There are lots of options available.

If you have main­te­nance or repair needs on your exist­ing cart, we employ a whole team of top-notch mechan­i­cal tech­ni­cians. We are pre­pared and ready to meet your expec­ta­tions. We want to ensure that when you vis­it our des­ti­na­tion deal­er­ships, you leave feel­ing sat­is­fied and con­fi­dent in your deci­sion to work with GT Carts.

As a cus­tomer-focused busi­ness, we make the process of buy­ing your cart as sim­ple and straight for­ward as pos­si­ble. Along with our foun­da­tion of ser­vice-mind­ed employ­ees to guide you through your buy­ing expe­ri­ence, we offer financ­ing options for our carts. Every­one has dif­fer­ent visions of the golf cart they desire; we want to make sure your vision is pos­si­ble and affordable.

It’s time to step into a des­ti­na­tion deal­er­ship. You’ll find the prod­ucts, ser­vices and answers you’re look­ing for. There’s no bet­ter place to find your new recre­ation­al golf cart than GT Carts in Mon­ti­cel­lo and Cicero, Indiana.

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