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About Us

Before there was GT Carts, there was Gritten Turf Company. My brother Ben and I (Matt) started Gritten Turf Company, LLC in 1999. We aerate golf courses. Ben and I were so young when we started, that when we would stop in at golf courses and ask to speak to the superintendent, we were often offered job applications for summer employment. Our brother, Jason, came on board in 2001. Over time we have added equipment and people. All of our growth since 2001 has been through word of mouth in the golf community. We have an impeccable reputation and are sought out by golf courses in need of our services. Our clients range from Mom-and-Pop golf courses to some of the most prestigious county clubs in the United States; from local athletic complexes to stadiums and NASCAR facilities.

How GT Carts sprouted out of Gritten Turf Company

GT Carts started because of a dilapidated building. We ran Gritten Turf out of our homes and kept our equipment at our Grandfathers’ farm. We rented his old milking barn and kept the equipment inside of it and the trucks and trailers were stored outside. Grandpa liked us being around and we liked being around him. After grandpa passed away, we bought the building that currently houses GT Carts.

The building was in terrible condition. We needed to raise some money to complete the needed repairs. So, we bought a couple of golf carts, fixed them up and stuck them out front. This was in 2011. In 2012 we officially started GT Carts. We became an E-Z-Go dealer in the spring of 2013. Our golf cart business has grown as our reputation has spread. We have worked hard to build an outstanding reputation. We will continue to work hard to maintain and expand it in the future.

GT Carts is now a leader in customized golf carts in Indiana. We’ve built them for leisure, we’ve built them for sport, we’ve even built them for police forces. When you choose to buy a cart from us, rest assured, you will be taken care of.

Our team plays to win… your business.

We have assembled an experienced, talented team of mechanics, painters, assemblers and attendants. They love what they do and it shows. Everyone has a job and we have quality control processes in place to ensure every GT Cart we sell measures up to your expectations.

Of course, you can expect every team member to be courteous and attentive.

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