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Teaching kids how to drive with a golf cart

Do you have a child between 12 – 16? Get them ready for the road with a golf cart! It’s a per­fect way to devel­op dri­ving skills and build confidence.

Eas­i­er to get start­ed. Dri­ving a golf cart is less demand­ing than a car, so it’s eas­i­er to begin build­ing dri­ving skills.

Safer. With the prop­er super­vi­sion, a cart offers a safe envi­ron­ment. And because golf carts oper­ate at low speeds, they are more for­giv­ing of dri­ving errors.

Get­ting acquaint­ed with dri­ving basics.They can prac­tice, steer­ing, using the gas ped­al, brak­ing and turn sig­nals and check­ing mir­rors. And, of course, the feared par­al­lel park­ing moves.

Build­ing con­fi­dence. As your child devel­ops greater skills, he or she will also build con­fi­dence in their abil­i­ties. And they’ll also learn how to focus their atten­tion and tune out distractions. 

Fam­i­ly bond­ing. Shar­ing time with your kids in a cart helps strength­en bonds while pro­vid­ing them a path to greater independence.

The advan­tages of golf carts in learn­ing how to dri­ve has not passed unno­ticed. In fact, some schools are now using golf carts as part of their dri­ver edu­ca­tion programs. 

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