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Teaching kids how to drive with a golf cart

Do you have a child between 12-16? Get them ready for the road with a golf cart! It’s a perfect way to develop driving skills and build confidence.

Easier to get started. Driving a golf cart is less demanding than a car, so it’s easier to begin building driving skills.

Safer. With the proper supervision, a cart offers a safe environment. And because golf carts operate at low speeds, they are more forgiving of driving errors.

Getting acquainted with driving basics.They can practice, steering, using the gas pedal, braking and turn signals and checking mirrors. And, of course, the feared parallel parking moves.

Building confidence. As your child develops greater skills, he or she will also build confidence in their abilities. And they’ll also learn how to focus their attention and tune out distractions. 

Family bonding. Sharing time with your kids in a cart helps strengthen bonds while providing them a path to greater independence.

The advantages of golf carts in learning how to drive has not passed unnoticed. In fact, some schools are now using golf carts as part of their driver education programs. 

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